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Our Services

Here at Winwood Sawmill customer service and project flexibility set us apart from the competition. Listed below are a few of the many services we offer. Have a need not listed here? Give us a call.

Custom Sawmilling, our most popular service

Sawmilling of logs into slabs and lumber can occur at our Winchendon facility or at your property. Most customers bring their logs to us for a variety of reasons.

Most sawmilling is done with our thin kerf(blade) band sawmill which can handle log diameters of up to 36". Choosing a bandsaw mill over a circular minimizes waste and gets you the most wood.

Planning, our 2nd most popular service

Planning is an essential step in nearly all woodworking projects, we operate an industrial planner that can handle up to 25" wide boards, slabs, both live and straight-edge.

Kiln Drying

Our in-house kiln drying will be available as a service starting the winter of 2022


Have a severely twisted/misshapen slab, board or tabletop? Resawing is a fast and cost effective way to flatten, thin or divide wood before being sent through a planner or sander.

Some customers seek resawing to precisely remove the Live Edge of slabs. 

Drum Sanding

We now offer drum-sanding of lumber and slabs up to 18" in width, 6" in thickness and any length.

Consultations and General Guidance

We provide one-on-one answers when it comes to a variety of products, among them:

What could my tree, now that it has died, become?

How long does it take lumber to dry once milled?

What species of tree/log/wood do I have?

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