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Use of the lumber price estimate calculator:

Simply input your needed lumber's dimensions and quantities to get a total number of "board-feet." "Board-foot" is the hardwood-lumber industry's method for calculating the volume of material in a given piece of wood.

Note: The purpose of this calculator is for potential customers to get a quick estimate of how much an order of particular species may be. Actual pricing for wood may vary from the calculations you receive from this calculator for reasons including but not limited to:

Premium pricing

  • Large, unique or quarter-sawn slabs/boards

  • Regional scarcity

  •  Custom adjustments to size/shape

Discount Pricing

  • Large Quantity Purchases

  • "Cut-Offs"

  • Material with cracks, rot or bark-inclusions

WW Species Price List.PNG

What Our Clients Say About Our Work

Eana Table review.png

Eana, M

Andreus is wonderful! He knew what we were looking for, and we are super happy with the results — a beautiful countertop. Furthermore, his dedication to honoring the earth and having sustainable practices is admirable and inspiring.

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