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Frequently Asked Questions

In our frequently asked questions section, we give straightforward answers to questions about wood identification, what you should consider for different projects, common woodworking and lumber jargon and more.

  • How can I calculate the amount of lumber needed for my project?
    You can use our online calculator to determine how many board feet (BDF) of lumber is needed for your project.
  • Where is Winwood Sawmill located?
    We are located at 1 Old Gardner Rd, Winchendon, Ma, 01475.
  • What is your connection to the wood you sell?
    At Winwood Sawmill, we recognize that every tree that passes through our hands has a unique story and identity. We strive to maximize the potential of every piece of wood that trees grant us. This is not just about providing high-quality lumber to our customers, but also about our commitment to sustainability and the environment. Trees naturally absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere during photosynthesis, a process that helps mitigate the impacts of climate change. When a tree is harvested and processed into lumber, the carbon it absorbed during its lifetime remains stored in the wood, effectively sequestering that carbon and preventing it from being released back into the atmosphere. By using wood from sustainable sources in your projects, you're not only choosing a high-quality, durable material, but also contributing to the fight against climate change by supporting an industry that plays a key role in carbon sequestration.
  • What are live edge slabs?
    Live edge slabs are pieces of lumber that retain the natural edge of the tree from which they were cut. They are often used in creating unique furniture pieces.
  • What types of wood do you offer at Winwood Sawmill?
    We offer a variety of hardwood and softwood boards in different dimensions. Our selection includes maple, red cedar, and red oak among others.
  • What services does Winwood Sawmill provide?
    We offer mobile sawmilling, custom resawing, and drying services. We also build high-quality, affordable live edge furniture directly from the mill.
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