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Mass Mantel Co. - The Essence of Massachusetts in Every Mantel

Welcome to Mass Mantel Co., an Exclusive Craft of Winwood Sawmill

Live Edge Mantels: Nature's Art in Your Home
At Mass Mantel Co., we specialize in creating stunning live edge mantels from salvaged Massachusetts trees. Each piece embodies the unique story and character of its origins.

Our Craft
Discover how we transform locally salvaged wood into durable, solid mantels. Our process ensures that each mantel is not just a fixture, but a centerpiece with a story.

Sustainability and Local Pride
Committed to environmental stewardship, we proudly use Massachusetts-sourced wood, contributing to local sustainability and bringing a piece of Massachusetts nature into your home.


Explore our gallery to witness the unique beauty and natural charm of our live edge mantels, each telling its own story. Learn about our bespoke service, where we craft a mantel that resonates with your personal style and home's narrative. Each of our mantels has a history. We share the journey of our wood from tree to treasured centerpiece. Inspired to bring a piece of Massachusetts' natural beauty into your home? Reach out to begin crafting your unique live edge mantel.

DALL·E 2023-12-21 21.30.04 - Realistic image of a live edge wood fireplace mantel. The man
DALL·E 2023-12-21 21.30.04 - Realistic image of a live edge wood fireplace mantel. The man

Live Edge or Straight Edge Mantels

Winwood Sawmill offers top-quality Fireplace Mantels. We stock and custom produce Fireplace Mantels in a variety of species including Black Walnut, Cherry, Red Cedar, White Oak, Red Oak, Maple, Ambrosia Maple and others. Our Mantels are primarily 2" thick, depth and length are totally up to you.


We Custom cut Fireplace Mantels to the sizes you need.

The overwhelming majority of our clients request that their Mantels be cut to 2" in thickness. Live Edge Mantels are our most common sellers.

DALL·E 2023-12-21 21.39.42 - Four realistic images of live edge wood fireplace mantels, ea

Special requests

Greater than 2" thick mantels are available on request. Want a particularly hard to find Native species? We likely have it.

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