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Oak Trailer Decking

Custom cut to your specifications


We mill quality Red Oak trailer decking from Massachusetts salvaged trees

Winwood Sawmill offers top-quality Red Oak Trailer Decking for customers in central Massachusetts. Most of our sales for Red Oak trailer decking planks come from Winchendon, Leominster, Gardner, Rindge, Athol and surrounding areas. We recognize the importance of having good quality trailer decking for the transportation of heavy equipment. Don't wait for your machines to fall through the bed of your aging trailer deck when you hit potholes. Our durable and beautiful Red Oak decks are perfect for your trailer needs. Contact us today.

We Custom cut Oak planks to the sizes you need.

The overwhelming majority of our clients request that their Red Oak planks be milled to either 2" or 1.5" in thickness. We can mill up to 18' long planks when given enough lead-time. If you need Oak planks asap, let us know your minimum dimensions needed. Shorter, narrower logs are faster to source than longer wider ones.

Black Ash

Special requests

It is standard practice for most red oak trailer planks to be milled fresh "green" which helps sawmills like ours keep prices affordable.

We also offer special wooden trailer decking such as rot-resistant wood species and lumber kiln drying.

Black Locust is among the most rot-resistant species on earth, with durability rivaling that of Shagbark Hickory. Lengths of Black Locust over 12' are uncommon. We maintain an inventory of Black Locust logs at our Winchendon lumberyard.

White Oak, historically used for shipbuilding, is both water and rot resistant. White Oak log lengths in excess of 12' are more common than locust.

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