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4Pack 4/4 Cherry S4S 6"-8" Wide

4Pack 4/4 Cherry S4S 6"-8" Wide

This pack contains dimensional Cherry lumber approximately 1" in thickness (4/4). Kiln Dried. Widths of all boards range from 6" - 8". Select your choice of length. Each board has at least one "face" with 80% or more heartwood. Call with questions, we're happy to hear from you.


Packs are available in four length options:

Ship to your door:

2' long (4 boardfeet)

3' long (6 boardfeet)

4' long (8 boardfeet) 


Pickup only:

6' long (12 boardfeet)

8' long (16 boardfeet)


    Order Lumber Online and Ship to You Door

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