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4Pack 4/4 Black Walnut S3S 6"-8" Wide

4Pack 4/4 Black Walnut S3S 6"-8" Wide

This pack contains dimensional Black Walnut lumber approximately 1" in thickness (4/4). Kiln Dried. Widths of all boards range from 6" - 8". Select your choice of length. Each board has at least one "face" with 60% or more heartwood. We do not steam-treat our Black Walnut lumber, as this washes out the color contrast of the wood. Call with questions, we're happy to hear from you.


Packs are available in four length options:

2' long (4 boardfeet)

4' long (8 boardfeet)

6' long (12 boardfeet)

8' long (16 boardfeet)

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